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Fast Fords of Canada (FFOC) is a non profit enthusiast website geared for the Ford community in all of Canada.  FFOC provides a means to connect with other enthusiasts to talk shop about their Fords via the website’s forum as well as on our Facebook page.

In an effort to keep Fast Fords of Canada a free, neutral, non profit environment  for all of its enthusiasts to enjoy,  any users who may own or operate automotive related businesses, or any other business, are prohibited from posting blatant, large and/or numerous forms of advertising or promotion on the FFOC forum.  This includes Banners, Signature Block Ads, and Direct Sales Activity.  Posting of shop project work is permitted, however please keep in mind the forum is not to be used as a venue for commercial promotion.  Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to deal with regards to this at their own discretion and as they see fit.   Any users who elect to do so may be warned or even banned from the forum community entirely.
In addition, any overly slanderous conduct, whether towards an individual user or towards a business which may be owned or operated by a user, may also be subject to Administrator and Moderator action as they see fit.
Any material, written or visual, that is pornographic in nature is strictly prohibited.

Fast Fords of Canada is a free, not for profit enthusiast website, and is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way, shape or form, nor with any of its users who may operate automotive related businesses.  It makes no claims to the information provided within, or posted by any of its users.  Visitors to and users of Fast Fords of Canada are advised to use this website at their own discretion.  Vehicle modifications are done at your own risk.

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