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Vehicle Showcase / Re: Matthew's Lincoln LSC
« Last post by Matthew on January 11, 2018, 07:12:40 PM »
I was back on the dyno today with the car to get a good base setup in the Megasquirt. As usual, a custom dyno tune makes a little difference. The car gained about 7.5 HP and about 8.3 ft-lbs at the wheels with the custom tune, and most importantly it is ready to start getting parts now that it runs right with the new engine management system. The Speedometer still works, which is good, but of course the tripminder reports a bogus fuel economy because it is obviously missing the fuel injector data with the Megasquirt in place of the DS9. It says stuff like "140 MPG" instantaneous fuel economy! I think this is probably a small price to pay.

I junked this old burned out distributor cap and associated rotor, but surprisingly got a 0 performance gain. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that the wires and plugs also need replacing, but that is not going to happen until the rest of the job is done.

Vehicle Showcase / Re: Matthew's Lincoln LSC
« Last post by Matthew on January 10, 2018, 08:18:07 PM »
It's a cold snowy day but my Megasquirt PNP has arrived. After a pin by pin review of the Lincoln LSC's computer harness versus the MAF Fox Mustang harness (which the Megasquirt PNP is designed to work with), I am happy to say that there are no wiring changes needed to get it to work. One of the Lincoln's circuits that is used for cruise control does need to be grounded if you want the horn to work, and of course you lose the cruise control with this setup, but once installed, it fired up ready to be tuned. With the replacement of the Lincoln's un-tuneable DS9 PCM with the Megasquirt, the car is ready to start getting hard parts. The first order of business will be to load it on the dyno and get a base tune in the Megasquirt for the stock setup, so that after all the parts are on it there are fewer variables to get it working.

Here's what you get in the box from DIYautotune.

Outside looks like a repainted Ford PCM, but inside, this system is all Megasquirt. It includes a 4 bar MAP sensor if you plan to add boost and support for things like wideband O2 sensors and knock sensors.

The Lincoln is a lot busier around the passenger kick panel than the Mustang, so it is a little harder to get at the PCM retainer screw than the Mustang.

Side by side, the two PCMs look pretty similar.

Here's a shot of the Megasquirt Plug and Play installed in the car, but laying on the passenger floor for tuning access.

Vehicle Showcase / Re: Matthew's Lincoln LSC
« Last post by Matthew on January 09, 2018, 07:24:25 PM »
When I acquired this car the factory head unit was gone, and there was an ugly hole in the dash.

I bought a JVC KD-X340BTS to use with the car. There are lots of good choices out there, but this little radio features bluetooth auto, aux input, ipod control, bluetooth handsfree, and lots of other nice features, and because there is no disc player it is short which makes more room for harnesses and junk stuffed in the space behind it. Since the car also has an aftermarket Alpine 6 disc changer (trunk mounted), it has a control box in the space behind the radio as well. I took a chance that the factory JBL amp and speakers were not blown up and bought the radio with the Scosche amp integration harness, and thankfully the rest of the factory system turned out to be ok, so this worked fine.

It's nice to have bluetooth handsfree, but stringing the microphone cable can be as much work as the rest of the install. One trick that I like is to use a little welding wire to pull wiring like this through the tight or inaccessible spots.

The JVC head unit came with a mounting sleeve, and the good people at Crutchfield practically gave me the integration harness and mounting plates. Here you can see the mounting sleeve assembled into the LSC dash.

Once the radio is clicked in place, it looks right at home. This JVC unit even allows you to change the backlight color so you can match your factory dash lighting.

I mounted the microphone on the underside of the high beam headlight sensor, and a sample phone call suggests that this is a good location.

All in all, this was a pretty reasonably priced way to get some sounds back into the car, as well as bring it into the 21st century connectivity-wise.

Vehicle Showcase / Matthew's Lincoln LSC
« Last post by Matthew on January 08, 2018, 08:29:24 PM »
I recently acquired a 1990 Lincoln LSC which I am in the process of modifying. The car is starting out virtually bone stock with the exception of a missing radio head unit, a muffler delete, an aftermarket CD changer, and a built in radar detector. Milage on the clock is 180000 km (112500 miles).

Here are a few shots of the car as it is starting out:

The car is completely stock under the hood including the airbox and rubber distributor wrap. After looking under the wrap, I am guessing that the cap and rotor have never even been changed, but they need to be replaced pretty badly.

It is so unmolested that the SPOUT connector still had the factory tape on it, so the distributor was still set the same as it was when it left the factory!

After a little road trip to check the car out on the highway, the next steps were to weigh it and get a baseline dyno test.

The car tipped the scales at 3818 pounds with a full tank of gas. It may also be reasonable to note that it has the optional power sunroof.

Loaded on the dyno at Tecmotion Chassis Dyno in Calgary, my shop.

Stock, it made 164 RWHP on our stingy MD-600. This equates to about 232 flywheel horsepower, and that is just about right on for a bone stock 5.0 HO with an AOD from this era. Looks like a good starting point for a fun project!

I have ordered a whole host of parts for the car, and if there is interest I will continue to post the build as it goes along.

Lounge / Re: Wing Nite
« Last post by Matthew on October 31, 2017, 09:01:49 PM »
Alright, the Fast Fords of Canada fall wing nite will be at 3:00 pm on Saturday November 4 at the Dalhousie Boston Pizza lounge. Everyone is welcome! Post up if you are coming and we will look for you.

Lounge / Re: Wing Nite
« Last post by Kevin4.9L on October 25, 2017, 11:29:29 PM »
Iím in
Lounge / Wing Nite
« Last post by Matthew on October 19, 2017, 06:02:39 PM »
I'm thinking maybe we should have a little informal wing night this fall. Probably a couple of weeks out since I have some stuff going on the next couple of weekends, but I thought I would throw it out there to see who might be interested.

Lounge / Winter Projects / What's new
« Last post by Matthew on October 15, 2017, 07:28:45 AM »
So, who has some cool project underway or planned for the winter? I think we are finally going to get the rear end assembled for Kevin's 38 Ford project. I have added tire machines and a two post lift to Tecmotion, so if you need some tire work, give me a call. I also built a 3/4" copper air distribution system for the shop which has cleaned up the air hose situation and is working very well. If you can believe it, there are something like 30 joints and there were zero leaks when I pressured it up!

What are you guys working on?

Lounge / Welcome new users
« Last post by Matthew on October 15, 2017, 07:25:05 AM »
Obviously this forum has been basically dead for some time, so I was surprised to see some legitimate new guys register recently. Rest assured, we are still alive, and I do check this forum regularly.

Vehicle Showcase / Re: 89 Fox Hatch build
« Last post by DC on May 29, 2017, 05:20:07 PM »
I am using a new 2015+ 5.0 mod motor.  I know you have had some experience with this motor with your factory 5 '33 hot rod build.  I have been having some difficulty taking this engine off the crate and suspending it on the hoist.  I had lift brackets made to fit the holes on the engine (side of right head and back of the left) and have been unable to balance it. I jury rigged this arrangement with chains on the exhaust studs and a 2x4 spreader.  Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.  I am going to be using BBK long tube headers with a 3 inch exhaust, and a custom intake setup from western motorsports.  I would like to know if this setup is going to need a custom tune to or if the stock ford control pack tune will suffice?
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